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MOM & DADMom & Dad were together until the end. They meant "till death do us part". My Mother & Father met back in 1952. My Dad was stationed in the army with my Mom's brother George "Timber" Forbes. Dad came home with Timber and met my Mother and after the rest was history.

They were married June 12, 1953. They produced six children, three boys and three girls: Davelyn, Charles, Robert, Susan, Kenneth, and Kimberly. They were together through it all. They have fourteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. These days people do good to stay together for five years much less 47 years. If Dad hadn't passed away they would have stayed together till the end of time.

MOM & DADMy Mom & Dad had a special way with each other. They liked to pick at each other. Dad loved to just bug Mom by calling her "Mama". Mom would say "call me Pat, I aint your Mama". Last week Mom told me she missed hearing Dad calling for her by saying Mama.

My Mother took care of my Dad at the end and it was oh so hard for her. My Mother has arthritis pretty bad, but she didn't let that stop her. At the very end when Dad was unable to get out of bed Mom would help him use the bedpan and clean him off. She would wake up with him in the middle of the night when he was talking out of his head. She did everything she could for him. If her love could have saved him, he'd still be here.

Of course, they had had there fair share of ups and downs but they always stuck together. They were good for each other.

DAD WITH GUITARMom is having such a hard time dealing with my Dad's death. Dad did everything for Mom. Mom never had to work, she stayed home and was a wife and mother. Now for the first time in her life she is in charge and it's hard.

A love like there's will never die and Mom will love him and think of him always. She's the one having the hardest time. To anyone whose ever lost a spouse they can probably relate to the pain she's feeling. You only come across a love like their's once upon a lifetime.


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