"It is much easier to become a Father than to be one."
-Kent Neburn


DAD & METhere's not a day that's passed that I haven't thought about my Father. I miss him so much. It's so hard living without him in my life. There are so many times that I come home wanting to see him or tell him about my good or bad day. I miss hearing his advice. I even miss hearing him yelling "ME HUGGING DAD Get out of bed, your gonna be late, they're going to fire you" or "do you have the sleeping sickness....I think you have bed fever". He was always such a kidder. I miss his laugh. I can still hear it echoing on in my memory. He was always there for me no matter what. I always knew that if I ever needed someone that I'd have Dad. He was my rock, my defender, he was my everything and I'll never forget him no matter how many years may pass.

If my Dad is reading this, I would want him to know:

DAD & MEI love you so much, and I'm sorry for anything bad that I may have done to you. I hope you are proud of the life I've lived so far and I hope that the life I continue to live makes you proud also. I didn't realize this until after you left, but you have been such an inspiration MY WEDDINGto me. I hope that when my time comes to leave this world, that I can leave it as dignified as you did. You were such a fighter, and you never let anyone know you were scared, you are an inspiration to everyone that knew you...and you've left such a great legacy behind. When you left a piece of me went with you, but there's always going to be an extra special place in my heart for you. When I have children some day, I will tell them all about you and how much you meant to me. I never wanted to say goodbye, and I never will. So I will just say see ya later....and until we met again...I love you.


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Happy Birthday Dad

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