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"It isn't always your words that others listen to, but the strength and sincerity behind them. When a sincere man speaks, the world moves."

Paramahama Yogananda

David I. Spangler was the name given to my Father on November 12, 1928. Not only was he born, but also was his twin sister Ora Irene Spangler. His parents were David Franklin Spangler and Ora Elizabeth Gamble Spangler. He was the oldest of his mother's children. He had three half sisters, Esther, Ethel, and Helen Spangler. He had one baby sister Martha Jo Spangler.

Dad Granny Jo & Irene

This picture is of Dad's loving Momma also known as Granny to many, his twin sister Irene, his baby sister Jo, and of course the man in black is my Dad.

Dad adored his Mother, and on April 2, 1982 tragedy struck our family. A tornado struck the town of Paris, TX where Dad's mother and sister Jo lived. That day was beautiful and no one ever knew of the tragedy to come. Later that afternoon, dark clouds rolled in and Granny and Jo were in Granny's house listening to the police scanner when the tornado tore down their street. Granny's house was destroyed along with many members of my family's homes. Granny died instantly and Jo died shortly after.

I can still remember that day even though I was only four years old. We were living in Dallas when we got the call. That was the first time I ever saw my Father cry. He was so hurt, he lost his "Precious Momma", which was what he had inscribed on her tombstone.

Our Loving Family

Dad's life was also filled with much happiness. He had three daughters; I am the youngest, and three sons. Starting with the back row: Robert Dale- the son who was here living with Dad, going to garage sales with him, they shared many of the same interests. Charles David- Dad and Charles went to many car races, that was one of Dad's hobbies for many years. Charles' newest racer is dedicated in memory of "the ole man". Next you see Dad, he had the most beautiful smile and a sweet laugh. Beside Dad is his little baby boy Kenneth Wayne also known as Bubba. The front row is us girls: Susan Kay- Susan takes after Dad she is a tall woman, Dad adored her. Then there's Mom, the love of Dad's life for almost 47 years. Mom dearly misses Dad. There's me, Kimberly Dawn, I am the youngest and I was Dad's baby. I was born when Dad as 49 years old. Next there's the oldest Davelyn Ann, Dad loved her and looked forward to her phone calls. He adored her also. Dad loved all his kids very much. I can honestly say that God blessed me tremendously with the world's greatest Dad. I am so thankful that God let me have him in my life for 22 years. At first, I was so angry at his death, I felt cheated. But now I've realized that I had Dad all to myself. When I was born all the others were older and most of them had already started their own families.


Next, there were all the grandchildren, Dad had fourteen grandchildren and four, now five great grandchildren. Some of them are pictured here. This picture was taken at Dad's 71st Birthday party. There's Dusty, great grandbaby Caleb with his Mom Crystal, Shannon, Daddy, Mom, Sean, and Alicia. Front row, Candace, Joseph, Jessica, and Julia. Not pictured are Bridgette, the two great grandbabies Tristan and the newest Zachary, Michael, Angela, Robert, great grandbaby Christian, Sam and great grandbaby Kassidy. I regret that my Dad won't get to see my children. I don't have any yet, but when I do, I will keep his memory alive.

Dad was a great person. He was kind, and could make friend's whereever he went. He had the most beautiful smile and a great personality. There are many people mourning his death. If I would have known that he was going so soon, I would have treasured every single second that I had with him. We seem to take advantage of things when we think we have forever. I can still remember on Dad's 70th birthday he told me he was going to live to be a 100, and I believed it. Dad was a fighter and he fought till the end. Dad was a religious man and he knew he was going to meet the Lord when he passed, but I think that there was a whole lot of living left in him. He was 71 years old when he passed away and he worked hard almost every one of those 71 years. I will always respect him and the things he taught me will stay with me forever. He inspired me more than anyone ever could. I will always remember how hard he fought and how he took each day with a smile with no complaints. I love him so much and I miss him terribly. I just want the world to know that I had a real angel in my life for a short time and now he's flown away to heaven to reap his rewards.

In conclusion, David I. Spangler was a Husband, Father, Father-in-law, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Uncle, Brother, Cousin, and Friend. He was a noble honest man. He was a hard worker and he loved his lord. He left a lasting impression on all that knew him.

Dad, I love you. We all do, and you will never be forgotten!!!!


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